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This has got to be the most extremely depressing sets (if you can even call it that) I've ever experienced not only in Coachella, but ANY stage in my ENTIRE life.

This guy was obliterated beyond belief.  A full-on monologue about suing his old manager and now having enough money to buy shoes. Slouching and rolling around on an office chair, poking through the keyboard.  Stopping songs a few lines in just cos he feels like it.  Telling everyone to fuck what they rehearsed.  Lying down on the floor of the stage and playing 'new' music through a laptop/ipod.  The horror and confusion on the rest of the band's faces as he stumbles across the stage, and trying to figure out just WTF is going on. Is this really happening?

To be honest, I've never felt insulted as part of an audience, until we experienced this meltdown.  My heart also went out to a sizeable fan base who obviously tracked him down (after cancelling his original time slot and eventually changing tents altogether).  These fans waited long and spent their time waiting to see him instead of catching other acts playing the same time.  

Just to see Sly obliterated by drugs?  What a massive train wreck. NO thanks.

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Kat: on 04/21/2010

Goodness. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZtjGdqOp24

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