i’m developing carpal tunnel syndrome because of friendster.com. add me! it’s addicting to just click through the connections.. it’s a small world, and its getting smaller. yikes.

i declined citibank’s offer late last night. working overtime until 8pm everyday for minimal pay just isn’t appealing. i felt this pang of reality, that this is my last summer. it’s too early to whore myself, especially since i’m lucky enough to have the option of bumming a little longer. i have stuff to do, like grab my backpack, hop on a 12 hour bus ride, and take pictures of pagudpud and bora. life is too short, you have to do what you have to do.. when you can.

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  1. GP

    hey stop being a bitch! :) some people’s summer was a lot shorter than others. so enjoy it while you can…go to boracay!

  2. marco

    i hate you lovine. you need to come home so i can kick your ass. just kidding… enjoy your summer and prolong it as much as possible. do it for those who are stuck at work right now.

  3. mon

    wanna go to sagada with me? please? and if you’re going to pagudpod, tour the vigan and laoag as well. the journey’s just too long for pagudpod.

    or bohol tayo in nov!

    muri and marc are in friendster also! damn, i think it’s time for me to join too

  4. Alexis

    you’re taking the bus to bora? i met this girl there who did that. 16 hours, 800 pesos? shit, i wanna go!


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