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  1. Jenny

    Off-tanget, off-topic!
    I’m going to LA next week to visit some relatives. Need some tips on where I can aimlessly wander off to while I’m there. Hoping to catch a show or two, as well.
    Maybe you can help me out. :)

  2. paul lovine

    For shows, you might want to check out the following venues: Spaceland (more indie), The Roxy, Troubadour, Hotel Cafe (acoustic singer songwriters), and bigger acts should be in El Rey Theatre, The Wiltern… Checkout for gigs.. let me know if you are going to any!!!

    For other random events, I registered on and it’s pretty okay.

    Places where you can wander aimlessly I’d say Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, Old Town Pasadena, there’s a lot really but it depends where you’re staying since LA can get pretty spread out ;)

  3. Jenny

    Thanks! Im actually staying at my aunt’s house in Irvine, not really in LA. I wish they were still living on Sunset. That would have been a blast!

  4. paul

    blonde redhead is playing on thursday at the wiltern! i think it’s sold out, but you can get tickets on craigslist..


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