therese went out on a date! i think thats pretty fabulous, and i have to say that she knows how to choose the boys. she always has her head above the water. lately i haven’t been able to keep in touch with her, both our emails have been spongky. we’ll have to hang out when i get back to manila i guess. she always seems preoccupied watching soaps on TV.. which is pretty bothersome quite honestly. oh well.

i wanted this shirt that this girl was wearing last night at miyagi’s. “gutentag, berlin!” – yellow lettering on a darkblue shirt. it was false advertising though, she didn’t speak german or anything. i’m not even sure if she visited. all i really wanted was her shirt. and all she really wanted was dan. :) dan da man!! if he doesn’t call her, we’re all seriously gonna kick his ass cos she was really really cute.

i need to get my email fixed. its not fun. but lounging around and doing nothing until the wee hours of the morning semi-buzzed on giant-sized bottles of heinekens is fun. oh, and i need a haircut.

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