i’m addicted to my life. experiences of different shapes and sizes, intravenously injected, visually stimulated, organically produced. inside, outside, upside down.

not even the momentary pains of solitude can get me down because knowing that strength lies in the patience of waiting for all the right moments, will bring forth the blossoms of the good karma. and if the right moments never come, i manage to have fun anyway. in a bad space, a good space, or with no space at all. life goes on.

so many good things yet to discover, and all it takes is to slow down and look at a flower, or run fast and feel the wind on your face. get lost forever in a girl’s smile, or find yourself in your art. the papers can remain in the suitcases, the banks can churn interest rates in their machines. but at the end of the day, the darkness when you close your eyes to sleep is not really the absence of light, but a blank slate to draw your dreams on. anywhere you go, there you are.

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  1. infinitechances

    “…that strength lies in the patience of waiting for all the right moments, will bring forth the blossoms of the good karma”

    but sometimes in life, you can’t just wait for the right moment to come… there are times when you have to lift your feet up… move, and actually make moments happen… and it would be great if it were a magical one… i think we are all magicians and we have the power to create magic moments… trust me on that one. :)

    cheers to the blank slate where dreams can be drawn. im meeting the sandman tonight.

  2. lovine

    i was thinking about that too. i guess what i meant by the “right moment”, can also be the moment you decide to make it happen. :)

    thank you for dropping by!

  3. jik

    Admiring the way you manage to keep an optimistic attitude towards life, and the fact that you’re addicted to it says so much about you. Every time I read something that reflects your positivity, it makes me think that life isn’t so cruel and that maybe I’ve overlooked it’s simplicity and subtlety many, many times. Kudos to those who enjoy whatever tickles their pickles, Mr. Lovine. =)

  4. Lou

    Ayan, lumalabas tuloy yung kagalingan (not Paolo) mo sa reflection period. Atenean prowess, or so they say. Pfft.

    Pero aliw (i.e. ‘interesting’) talaga, sobra. You made me pause there and think, think, think…in a way I really haven’t ever since I last saw you. Inspiring, that post is.

    RB says hi, btw. Holds office near the old chem lab nowadays. Still wears the cassock.

  5. joylet

    anywhere you go, there you are. i remember the time i was down so low and you sent me a message– dun ka sa masaya…buhay mo yan. isa lang yan. ikaw ang bida.
    and now after reading your blog can’t help but hear that Tropicana Jingle— live love your life (?). march is drawing near…!

  6. buhay

    since i visited this url from my friend’s blog, i always have something to look forward to… that is reading your posts. refreshing!

  7. binx

    awww, just when i was really getting into the wallowing, pessimistic, self-deprecating mood.

  8. frances

    i love your writings and your photos. wow wow wow. I got here through mika’s by the way.. I’ve been lurking for quite sometime now :)


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