had dinner with the gorgeous girls of the 18th. how lucky can someone really be to meet all these great people? i’m counting my blessings. man, i’m tired. i can’t think.

last night i watched my last gig of barbie’s cradle. i wrote them a letter and it came out pretty sentimental. had a part that was thanking them for giving us amazing music, reminding me the beauty of simply being alive to experience it. individually potent, collectively breathtaking. i really want to play in a band. its so.. spiritual. i’m pooped.

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  1. kaye

    awww… you guys had dinner?? i’m inggit!! that makes about 2 or 3 times that you all got together without me. *pout* i’m wasting away here in the states.. that is, until i get to go shopping! :D hehe.. take care lovine dear! :)

  2. lovine

    KAYE i miss you :( i never got to go out withchuu :( until when ka diyan sa states? i’m coming back soon!!

  3. kaye

    you are?? i’m here till the 7th of july… i’m at maryland at the moment. are you coming back here for good??? damn, if you are, that means we’ll never be able to go out!!! :P

  4. lovine

    dude! june 30 i’m flying out east to dulles airport! im attending a wedding at maryland on july 3!!! then afterwards im goign to NY until july 11… LETS GO OUT!!!! email me!! iam @lovine.com :D :D

    yaaay :lol:

  5. kaye

    what coincidence is that… you actually flying out here when i’m here!! hahaha!! astig…

  6. Anna

    Hey lovine! WHen you have the time, send me the pics you took that night. Unless of course you erased them already…which would be a bad thing…


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