Where the Guns at

My head is going to explode. As expected, my last full day on the field held more than this month’s quota for stress, caused by massive disappointment in certain decision making skills of people you expect to know better. Sometimes it makes me think how futile my time is behind this monitor trying to get data in order, when apparently the real battle is where you aren’t looking.

I need a drink.

And here’s tonight’s feature tambourine player:

I miss my Kat and Dog!!!

2 Responses to “Where the Guns at”

  1. gaiLe

    I already knew for a long time that sir Nicholas would be a hit
    (especially with that pic where he’s all spiffy lol a.k.a. the Josh Groban look lol) been a silent fan for a while now

    btw, your tweets are always amusing and thank you for the link to the “guiltiest” dog — made my day!


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