:: space seattle ::

our grand quest to reach unknown adventures in the northernmost city of alaska froze after losing our money in vegas. this was mikkel's first time back to the US after more than a decade, and i was to start donning the white collar at the end of the week.. we had to embark on an adventure.

plan b was to amtrack up to seattle from LA, through the coast starlight route. but the weeklong rain had caused rail damage and landslides, so we had to take a car up to SF, and catch the train at oakland.

there's nothing like travelling on rail. there's nothing like donning a backpack, knowing that everything you own is on your back... but the real thrill comes in knowing that you're looking forward to seeing things that you can never own inside your bag, but only in the memories that you create in travelling, by leaving everything behind.

well, i didn't really talk about seattle that much. here are a few random pictures. i enjoyed this trip, as always. and like what i whispered to myself when i left bonn, germany.. i'll pull an arnold someday. i'll be back.

IMG_0008.jpg (56kb)IMG_0009.jpg (32kb)IMG_0016.jpg (53kb)IMG_0024.jpg (50kb)IMG_0026.jpg (46kb)IMG_0056.jpg (32kb)IMG_0065.jpg (66kb)IMG_0066.jpg (40kb)IMG_0071.jpg (69kb)IMG_0072.jpg (75kb)IMG_0077.jpg (92kb)IMG_0086.jpg (59kb)IMG_0089.jpg (53kb)IMG_0127.jpg (42kb)IMG_0136.jpg (73kb)IMG_0139.jpg (38kb)IMG_0151.jpg (52kb)IMG_0153.jpg (63kb)IMG_0154.jpg (73kb)IMG_0156.jpg (51kb)IMG_0179.jpg (58kb)IMG_0199.jpg (46kb)IMG_0201.jpg (48kb)IMG_0202.jpg (52kb)IMG_0205.jpg (35kb)IMG_0224.jpg (50kb)IMG_0237.jpg (55kb)IMG_0243.jpg (27kb)IMG_0249.jpg (81kb)IMG_0254.jpg (42kb)stitch_0183.jpg (242kb)