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Prepping the Bus for Carpoolchella 2010!

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Lovine: on 04/21/2010

Testing an ultra long comment. I just want to see how the wrapping would behave, if the layout is okay. Not like anyone would think of posting a really long and pointless comment like what I'm doing right now, but I figure it can't be bad to check all your bases (are belong to us) and cross your t's. Small details like this preoccupy hours of my time, and I admit it's not the most efficient endeavor. However, there is something about 3 pixels that will throw things off from a layout and make the difference between a happy webmaster and a melancholic one. And so here I am trying to pull in more words from out of nowhere to satisfy the urgency of contemplating whether or not the CSS attribute of clear: both will do anything drastic to blow everything out of the water.

Game time. I am sorry for the rambling. Well, not really.

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