its so hot.. and my room is a disaster area, everything is out of my closets for rearranging.. some days i’m too organized for my own good. blah.

itsrainingmon: lam mo ba nagfit ako ng uniform kanina… tapos sabi nung babae dun “kilala mo si john paul matriano? pakisabi sa kanya kulang yung bayad nya ha? may extra charge sya kse malaki pala syang tao”

just came back from brasil.. i had probably one of the best vacations in the world! amazing beaches, perfect weather, lots of food, and perpetually gorgeous brazilian girls. and travelling with andre was just sick! oh, and at the airport he asked this girl who was at a snack stand, “how much are your nuts?”

i’m stuck at home right now. stuck at home without internet access. how crappy is that? how am i supposed to survive? i have to drive all the way to my sisters house to check mail.. oh wait, my e-mail conked out along with my domain name.. well, this is subtle karma against brazil with andre. but i’m still not complaining. Ü

i’m done. it’s over. i’m officially unemployed, and a bum!! aaagh!! the whole ceremony took awhile, but it seemed like everything went by so fast.. isn’t denisey the cutest?

yesterday, had an interesting run through of LMU. i sat on the “L” of LMU out on the bluff, and i got bored so went out to do my “run” at the sunken gardens. thank god tom was there to document the occasion. i doubt that anyone would want to see those pictures though. yikes.

i will be gone for awhile. tomorrow i’m leaving for brazil.. and then when i get back i’ll be off to SF with ponts to visit bay area friends and cheer for kathlyn at her grad (poor schmuck needs a fan club). until the next time.. adios, amigos and muchacha lindas.

how does it feel like to be done? how does it feel like to be a bum? how does it feel like to fart so loudly that the librarian comes over to regulate cos it echoed throughout the atrium? how does it feel like to make an illegal u-turn in front of a police station? how does it feel like to be free? how does it feel like to not belong? how does it feel like at 5am?

sushi for the soul! finally got around to having dinner again with danielle, i think she’s one of the biggest reasons i’m happy for going to LMU, because i meet people like her! she’s just a blast. as for that last final i have tomorrow.. i dont know man.. i’m kinda more scared of what’s gonna happen after the final. is it really the end of college??

if i don’t make the cutoff for magna.. i swear to myself i’m shaving off my hair.

one down, two more to go.. and then i’m forever free of this scholastic brain stretching. i wonder how i’ll fare in the real world..

i know what i want to do over the summer. i know what i want to do. its just a matter of selecting which one of them i choose to do first. the world is waiting for me, and i’m not too worried about anything else falling into place, cos it seems like it is for now. to think of it, everything is always in place anyway.. its just that some parts move around. its all relative, eh? i guess it’s always just a matter of what you make things to be.. you are, the ambassador to your own world.

i only have one thing to say: hawaiians KNOW how to PARTY.

i haven’t seen anything like it. its amazing. :) now i have a buzzing perpetual headache. who knows what happened last night, now only my camera can tell me. hehehehe. crazy crazy :)

i felt like i’ve been awake for the past three days. had to wakeup early today to drive down to the brazilian embassy and try to get my visa. of course, i need a copy of my plane ticket/itinerary. boo.

i finally finished all my papers for this week. i have one more paper to deal with for ISQM, but that should be okay. the rest of the finals.. who knows? i’m drinking tonight. :)

i am brain dead.

i seem to be stuck typing this neverending “strategic audit” extra credit paper for my management 409 class. for a split second i thought this was the price i have to pay for greed. what a tricky guy, dr. gale. but alas, i screwed my midterm and i need the points. here i am, pawning myself to the educational system that is just about to drive me over the edge..

how much longer will it last?

an all too familiar sight. the midnight lamp burning a golden into our room. those unforgiving sleepless nights where we conquer and detain our fears. well, these are one of the last ones. i never thought i’d make it through today, but here we are. just one day at a time, and its all over! i’m through! i’m done! i’m graduating! yeehaaaaaaaa!! hopefully, we’ll get a photo finish.. i need to make the grades this last sem, and its just that one last push before everything starts to cave in.. wish me luck..

we got free dinner, and free alumni license plate whatchamacallits. the pictures should be up soon from the senior banquet and string of on-campus parties, i just need to take care of this massive avalanche of papers and group projects.

played for the last time at open mic tonight. it was pretty chill, played with andre and JJ. although we wanted a more solid sound setup, it was still a good gig nonetheless. oh well. i just wish i could’ve done this more…

oh, and i randomly decided to go with andre to brasil the day after graduation. now how random is that. out of the blue. this is the peak of spontaneity.. and with that click of the mouse button, i’ve decided to travel around the world. :)

i’m tired. i really am. i just dont want to hurt myself more than i should, more than i deserve.