tiramisu_819: bad trip ka nung kinagat mo utong ko! akala tuloy ni monika na bakla tayo!

that’s dave brubeck at the playboy jazz festival yesterday. lovely, isn’t it? and it was funny seeing jaime and nick get hit on by the mature ladies… oh yeah baby. if you’re reading this and you’re around the area, i’m having a party in my house this saturday. come and have a drink! :D

i think all this computer usage is making me blind. i can’t read anything anymore. sooner or later i’ll have a perpetual face contortion from trying to squint and read anything. where are my glasses? i’m too lazy to look for frames. bah.

my lovely friends visited me this weekend. andre and narcs spent the whole weekend with me, cooking and eating and drinking.. check out narcs fitted in my shirt. sexy, just like andre’s abs? yesterday, ponts followed and we oinked out at versailles.. good stuff man. i need to go there more often. rudy came over last night too. thank god my friends visit me here, or else i’d just rot and die of boredom. and i probably would stop eating too, kaso lang i’ve been drinking for the past two days.. and for the next two, it seems. yay!

funny how my calvin and hobbes site gets almost an average of 90 hits a day. even funnier how i managed to wakeup at this ungodly hour after all that i drank last night… ugh. jenny, narcs, andre, and james came over. fun times. :)

i don’t eat, i don’t sleep. what’s wrong with me? yikes.

after 4 long years of living here in los angeles, surprisingly i’ve never been inside a wal-mart… until today. i only read about walmart through wallstreet journal complaints of impending doom from mom and pop stores once the big bad retailer sets up shop in their smallville, and how their supply chain makes walmart flex its muscle during IS class. inside their store, they practically sell everything possible. mass consumerism at its grandest. for a second, it seemed like a snapshot of america in general.

i watched finding nemo today with ponts. very cute ah, albeit a little bit sappy at the end. well, it is a disney move afterall.. i wonder if there are subliminal messages? mmm. i still miss the gingerbread boy from shrek. not my gumdrop buttons! eat me!

therese went out on a date! i think thats pretty fabulous, and i have to say that she knows how to choose the boys. she always has her head above the water. lately i haven’t been able to keep in touch with her, both our emails have been spongky. we’ll have to hang out when i get back to manila i guess. she always seems preoccupied watching soaps on TV.. which is pretty bothersome quite honestly. oh well.

i wanted this shirt that this girl was wearing last night at miyagi’s. “gutentag, berlin!” – yellow lettering on a darkblue shirt. it was false advertising though, she didn’t speak german or anything. i’m not even sure if she visited. all i really wanted was her shirt. and all she really wanted was dan. :) dan da man!! if he doesn’t call her, we’re all seriously gonna kick his ass cos she was really really cute.

i need to get my email fixed. its not fun. but lounging around and doing nothing until the wee hours of the morning semi-buzzed on giant-sized bottles of heinekens is fun. oh, and i need a haircut.

girls are evil:

misscile: may pictures ako with k****

misscile: mamatay ka sa inggit

on wednesday i finally got to see matrix reloaded. the cinematography was pretty bad ass, especially on those fight scenes.. the one with the freeway? i was getting scared at how good they filmed the whole thing and how seamless everything was. of course i found myself getting lost on the dialogue here and there, so i’d have to watch it again to get a full grasp of what the architect had to say.

watched the exorcist the other day with ponts. not as scary as the ring, but i guess i prefer the more spooky, supernatural vibe. its not like i’ll be possessed by the devil anytime soon. and although its not like sadako would just pop out of my TV, but thats just scary shit to begin with.

spent the past two days with andre, jj, tom and narcs. had a MONSTER barbecue at my house this morning and drove down to orange country to jam, with jj’s dad playing the skins. it was pretty decent, but its quite honestly a brutal tease knowing that this is what i live for over the summer and we can only jam next in two weeks. there’s so much to learn and so much music to be made. i want a band. i NEED a band. :(

i can’t sleep because i can’t figure out how to make the comments() turn gray.. i can’t sleep because its 343am, and i don’t need to wakeup for anything except for the sake of waking up.. i can’t sleep because i don’t want to.

4am, spending time reading up on the news.. there’s too much of the world to know, and too little patience for me to sit down and actually absorb what i need to know. the perils of being internally lazy.. i wish i knew more about investing, the internal workings of money markets and what not. hmm, the psychologist in me tells myself that i might just be slightly worried about the impending responsibility that being an out-of-school yuppie entails. hooray.

a few hours ago, i started calling random beautiful people from manila.. a lot of the bastards weren’t home.. and it didnt help that the people who answered the phone couldn’t get my name. “tell them that gopez called.” dima, er, maits, joy.. tangina san kayo napunta? i got to talk to ther and tray though. i miss you guys. boo!

this is awesome. if i stay up a little longer, i’ll probably go blind from the monitor. i feel light headed and slightly dizzy. this is what the summers are all about.. ahhh, festive intellectual decomposition in the comfort of your own room. the nights are mine, yes..

the valet guy backed my ML320 into a concrete pillar at a parking structure in hermosa beach. it shattered part of the bumper on top of the wheel, and hit a little part of the body panel. the bumper part is fine, it can be replaced easily, but i’m worried about that small crunch of the body – it might have fucked the whole panel over. so now i have to deal with all this shit, thank goodness the guy isn’t being an asshole about it, and we’re having it fixed. but its still a pain in the ass. i couldn’t get over how stupid you can be to backup into a concrete pillar. and that was his fucking job to say the least. today i found out that the same guy lost the keys of another car before slamming my car into a pillar. needless to say, another guy has been added to the unemployment statistic. thank god danielle was there to spot me a beer. i’ve never needed one so badly.

tomorrow i’m heading over to andre’s house to watch “takeshi’s castle”.. this late 80’s japanese show where a horde of rice eaters try to compete against being eliminated.. its ridiculous. they’re running across mazes and trapdoors, they eat shit running fullspeed into wooden walls disguised as doors, and trip on fake “rocks” in a pathway through water.. these asians man. what kooks. ;)

my friend’s dad passed away this weekend. it was a real bummer, he’s one of my best friends and i met his dad in cebu- really nice guy and took care of us when i was visiting. i felt really bad for my friend, but i’m proud of him for being strong and pulling himself through. i can’t imagine being in his situation, but his disposition has always been cheery, and his strength allows his dad to live vicariously through him.

these reality checks make you count your blessings, and plant your feet back on the ground. the material things we have are nothing, against the love that binds family and friends together. hope all you guys take care.. and tell your parents you love them :)

got back from SF today, i spent 9 hours in the car! im totally pooped out. i drove up with ponts, and it wasn’t a bad drive, we stopped by slo (san luis obispo) for lunch, and continued to bug the shit out of ourselves on the way up.

by the time we were shuttling around the bay area cities, i suddenly realized the futility of having ponts as a navigator. of course, i’m not saying that to bag on her. it’s just surprising to find someone else aside from me who has no sense of direction.. well actually, she can read a map just as fine as anyone else. for some reason though, we just got lost everytime we tried to go somewhere – even back home.

on saturday i went to kathlyn’s graduation at the ignatius church. it was really gorgeous inside, and once you step in, you won’t be surpised that the institution is run by jesuits. we pigged out on a six-course morroccan bad-ass meal afterwards that left my stomach in a coma. the whole trip seemed like a cycle of eating, sleeping and getting lost driving. before we set out for LA, ponts and i bought a box of krispy kremes, and a bag of reese’s and oreos. spell o-i-n-k?

i was really glad to see nannoo and sarah, but on the drive back home, it made me sad to think that we’re on the cusp of a major change.. i’ll never see nannoo walking around LMU again.. and that means she’ll never harass me in public. and that’s always good. but i’ll miss it in a weird way.. *bite*