citibank called me this morning to schedule an interview.. tomorrow morning? are they crazy? idiot me wokeup with their 5pm phone call, just to give you an idea of how screwed up my biological clock is. since i was groggy and had no clue what was going on, i agreed. agh. i wonder how it’ll go. i haven’t done this in awhile; the last two interviews i had for internships ended miserably in an unemployed lovine. however, the biggest problem is that i have no clothes at all, i left my slacks and leather shoes in the states. goodness. thank god vic let me borrow his slacks, we’re about the same size. hey i just thought, it would suck to have this problem in the states.. i can’t even BUY clothes that fit!

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  1. roroy

    ayos ba kami ni vic kanina? hehe. parang devil and angel na bumubulong sa yo what to do! (syempre im the good guy!). pero let me reiterate that we’re not at all on extremes with our opinion. PH work does seem a bit low for a man of your stature (nakampucha!) pero humbling experiences, as i have gone through them, are more than just humbling experiences. =) Pero i highly suggest that you take a look around first before you dive in. para no regrets =) good luck!

  2. lovine

    i’ve declined. although i don’t mind the slave-labor type of work, wag naman sana sagad na 12 hour workdays!! im not that picky anyway.. but hey thanks man, i can always count on you guys :) basta wag ka lang mag joke!

  3. andrea

    u better come back to the states – I swear I miss my lovine – I even miss u biting me! Don’t leave me!


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