i saw a lot of people today! i randomly ran into tita bing at jollibee in rockwell, now how random is that? i have the biggest crush on her, but don’t tell anyone. she’s really pretty. sorry kath. anyway, aside from that, richie and leo at rockwell, selena and zeldie at pier one, joy, john, marc, muri, gk gorgeous at greenbelt. yikes! anyway i think this is the apex of my drinking habit- on my way home i got detoured by the messed up traffic scheme at new manila and ended up in a dead end one way eskinita and had to back my ass up a long ways which is hard enough when you’re sober. and ther, i finally heard that “mamatay ka na sana” song! gagu hindi naman yun sugar free ah!

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  1. mon

    that song’s by kamikaze! it’s so cute noh? they’re the same band that covered britney spear’s lucky.

    you were in greenbelt pala? sayang! we were there earlier. watched chinese films, hehe….

  2. lovine

    hey, there’s nothing wrong with finding women gorgeous..

    i’m just kidding!! tita bing is kathlyn’s mom! kathlyn my friend in sanfo, ther’s bestfriend in HS. waitaminute, didn’t you have cotillion with her at erika’s debut? i told her that i think her mom is really sexy, she said i was sick. oh well. she is anyway, trust me :)

  3. aissa

    shit yeah tita bing is really hot. quite possibly hotter than kath. hahaha!

    hey! humor me! take the 1-question rorschach test on my journal :P


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