Phoenix at the Greek Theater last night. Love this song, a cover from Air. More on my YouTube account.
They put on a great show, the crowd was fun, which says a lot about your music I think. I almost forgot how small the Greek really is, and it’s probably the smallest outdoor venue here in SoCal. Fun times :)

4 Responses to “Phoenix”

  1. Gian

    DAMN YOU you got to see pheonix! their last show in d.c. sold out way too fast.

    when you coming back to east coast, dood? ;)

  2. nikki

    hehe gotta love them french bands. so happy how phoenix got big. ay but i dont like their remixes album coz im not a fan of remixes in general. hey lovine if you were here i think you’d get into sinosikat? ever heard of them? :)

    • lovine

      Love Phoenix! Got the vinyl of Amadeus, but the record player Kat gave me is skipping so I need to find another player..

      I like Sinosikat also, saw them once in Saguijo. Prefer seeing them live though, than recorded :)

  3. nikki

    omg your youtube videos of phoenix win! those are the songs i started with, too young & if i ever feel better <3

    o diba sinosikat, need to see them more live, haven't heard their 2nd album yet (entitled, "2nd Album") :P


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