this past tuesday was barbie’s birthday! being the loyal fans that we are, we headed down to bagaberde to watch their gig. it was funny to see yasmin, i should invite her when i watch other gigs. anyway, the place was packed, and there were a lot of girls.. however they’re the ones on the same side of the fence as we are, if you get my point. hmm.

i haven’t seen sunlight the past week. well, not entirely. there are moments i see light coming through the venetian blinds at six in the morning before i go to bed. i was surprised i woke up at 930 this morning, and i think the maids were perplexed as well. for some reason i couldn’t go back to sleep so i just read the papers. normally i get out of my room at 4ish. gross, no? some just might be jealous, with work or school sapping the life out of you. well, my laziness is sapping the life out of me. so let’s call it quits.

i watched razorback at rock radio in alabang last night, and they kicked ass! aris their sound technician was surprised to see me, he thought i was from the south.. cos it is quite a drive and i understand why people wouldn’t bother to make the trip. i don’t really mind, it was my first time to see them and i was with mon and GK anyway, fun times! even though right before we were about to leave some weird bitch was being really rude to GK. it made us all mad and so i spotted another round of red horse to calm our nerves down. people from the south are weird. thank goodness for beer and music.

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  1. mon

    i had fun too! except the end part. damn it talaga, you can’t go to rock radio to watch good bands and not see those gross people who are so feeling. hmph!

    let’s hang out soon ha!


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