it’s LMU‘s first day of classes today! its funny seeing all these people show up online again on AIM. i met so many people the last few years, that it’s great to see.. well nevermind, i don’t see them anymore. but it’s fun thinking about it. i miss hanging out at convo hour outside under the sun. socal weather is just heavenly. but screw the weather, what i really miss are my friends! boo!

i’m still a little cranky and aloof a little bit. this is what i get for being stupid. i have these bouts of carefree happiness, and when my mind turns idle, it churns out high grade low-self-esteem fuel. oh, my beautiful mind can make sense of everything except its own thoughts. what a let down. poink!

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  1. marco

    you have such a way with words paul. youre a poet and you dont even know it. you make me think a little too much though when i read through your site. anyway come HOME soon so we can hang out man. you belong in california. talk to you later

  2. andrea

    Lovine I miss you – come home soon – its no fun with out you here! Just think you can bite me again and leave bruises :)


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