she makes out with her cute co-worker in the company bathroom. during breaks, or on office hours, who will ever know? our girl knows how to pick her men- this one came from graduate school in stanford, and knowing her taste, he’s probably not bad looking either. i can’t believe she makes out in the bathroom.. with her co-worker, nonetheless. if it were her boss, then that would just kill me. what an adventurer. what a thrill-seeking sport. we’re proud of you, andrea! :D

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  1. andrea

    LOVINE – I swear even 6000 miles away you always manage to start rumors – IT’S not true – you have to take it off your website. and stop telling people like JESSICA – that I actually did this – I didn’t! I love you and may be i will make out in a bathroom with you when you come back- if you ever come back! :)

  2. Jessica

    I just got word from our dear girl that she lied! She’s a LIAR. The rumors were true. Not only did they make out in the bathroom, but in his car on the way back from a company picnic. Scandalous! But hey, that’s our girl. ;-)


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