Drunken Rants.

There’s no pretending, only what is. And what you take from it is all that you deserve, because it’s true – what you reap is what you sow. And to a degree you’re dealt with cards you may have no control over, your game plan is yours. Much is expected from whom much was given, but don’t fall into the mistake of trying to prove yourself to anyone. This is your show, these are your blessings, this, is it. You can choose wisely, you may choose poorly, but right and wrong may be all of subjective. Only you can decide. After all, that’s the least you can do, right? Own your decisions. Deny nothing. Embrace your life because it’s all you have. Everything else is a gamble whatever comes your way. Except what’s yours. What you own is never a function of chance. Don’t accept anything for less than the truth. Because all of it, is yours.

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