Not my day today!

Wokeup pretty early by any standard, but spent the morning doing laundry and errands for the dog. Bath and blowdry, takes an average of 2 hours for a white and fluffy dog. A cotton ball!

Yesterday late afternoon, I ordered a new SATA 500gb Western Digital hard drive from NewEgg because I’m planning on transforming one of the new desktops at work into a file server running Ubuntu. Imagine my surprise when the package arrives this morning, barely even 12 hours when I ordered the thing!

So I rush to the office, but pass by a Mcdonalds to load up on their crap McChicken and even more chicken nuggets (I’m a pig like that). I’m busy contemplating the schedule for the rest of the day, as I calmly get back onto the street after the drive-through. I stop at the intersection, but for some reason, made a left… and before I know it, a cop on a motorcycle pulls me over. Apparently there was a red arrow light, which of course I didn’t see. Yay. Here goes traffic school.

I get to work, and cheerily open the box while snarfing down my nuggets. Open up the computer and… tadah. I find out that the new hard drive doesn’t have the normal 4-pin power cable, and I need a new set of SATA power and data cables. Ugh. I was getting excited too. The nerdery will have to wait until tomorrow I guess. Fry’s, here we come. And online traffic school.

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