chalk one up for andrea! here they are before they headed out for some hot makeout session. isn’t she a stud?! let’s just pray her parents never see my website. you gotta hand it to her though, she’s got game! fo shizzle my nizzle!

i like travelling alone, you get to meet really interesting people. yesterday i met this medical professor from boston who was gonna give a talk somewhere in manila. in the course of our random conversations, he was telling me about nitrous oxide forming inside the cabin of deep-diving vessels as a result of the pressure, which makes for a really awesome high. hmm. his son was an engineer by training, and now works in a lab with huge refrigerators containing the heads of whales. he does research about sonic communications or whatever, and studies the internal workings of whales to better understand them and build better navigation systems for submarines. its a big world out there.

last night saw a bunch of my good friends, i really missed them! ended up in san francisco coffee with mon and matt, who were studying for med shit, and gino, joey, mikkel, gus, big… good ol’ days. apparently, big’s naked pictures are doing a few rounds on local e-mails.. what a stud!!

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  1. andrea

    thanks lovine – now everyone knows what i did – i still love you though and miss you lots. can’t wait til you get back to the states so we can make out hehehe!

  2. denise

    see, i knew lovine and andrea need to make out soon… the hot scottish man was just to make you jealous lovine! but DAMN, andrea, you sure know how to pick ’em! what a hottie. don’t feel guilty… you’re only human. next step – blow job. OOPS, was that out loud? haha, j/k.

  3. mon

    hey, that scottish guy’s cute! i wonder if he goes for chinitas? seriously, big has naked pics on the net??? hey, we have to see each other soon ok? have fun in cebu, you gotta watch urban dub, they’re so damn good


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