Went snowboarding yesterday. I feel like I got run over by a truck. I love it!

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  1. Marla Pee.

    hah! whenever I randomly check your page, you’ve written about something that strikes home. Alana and I went snowboarding this weekend, too! Al got a huge bruise on her buttocks but since she refuses to show it, I can only trust what she says to assess the true gravity of it (oh really, it’s three-dimensional today, alana?) However, there’s nothing I can hide about my present state: I walk around as if a pine tree branch is lodged up my ass from all the soreness. In short, snowboarding is brutal and I feel ya.

  2. Lovine

    Mars! We should all go together sometime during the season!! I’m seriously considering getting butt pads :)

  3. Ponts

    HEY!! It really was a terribly bruise and I am only now feeling like I can sit down without grimacing! Lovine, I fell of the lift chair and took a couple of innocent bystanders with me. However, I am getting better at carving:) Oh, and we saw Napoleon Dynamite at Mt. Baldy on Sat…he talked to me! wee!


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