I went snowboarding by myself yesterday at Snow Summit, Big Bear Lake. I think I can claim slight progress, and specifically tried to work on my transitions from heel to toe, and got more time practicing my toe side balance. I ate it pretty hard a few times, and I think there’s a huge bruise on my right ass cheek. I feel pretty beat up. No pain, no gain! Unfortunately, I think there’s more pain than there is any gain.

I also ate two bum meatballs during lunch that gave me the runs and some pretty bad bathroom action a few hours after I left. I had to make an emergency stop in Upland at casa de Arroyo, and finally met baby Evan! Always good to see old friends. Then I got home, sat on the john for an hour, threw up, and passed out. Then I wokeup at 3:30am for another round. Yes!!

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  1. Ponts

    I laughed so hard at this posting.

    Rob, Mars, and I went snowboarding in Big Bear last week. We should all go together sometime soon!


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