Big Sur

tired. dirty. and with a horrible raccoon tan.

at the end of the day, the most important thing is to come home alive, intact. more often than not, even the most mundane of things are left for granted. the beauty of our travels is found not only during the journey itself, but more importantly in the journeys we partake afterwards. to appreciate all once again, in our views, that have turned into the ordinary.

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  1. mikkoko

    this is one of the most beautiful things you’ve ever written. (pucha astig!)

    for this, i salute you. (apir!)

  2. paul

    thanks miks :) in some essence, i always relive the batanes experience when i embark on new adventures..

  3. kate

    haven’t been to your blog site lately. Kudos to you and this new adventure of yours :)


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