what i also like about coming home to manila is being able to be a transparent observer, watching people as they come and go, as they dance and play. in such a small social environment, it’s almost impossible not to connect lines to the dots to the everything in between. partly one of the reasons why i also prefer not having any definite plans, to allow chance encounters that always chalk up to the books like an instant classic. like… tonight, i guess.

i didn’t get the chance to see all that i would’ve wanted to see, and spend time with everyone that i wanted to spend time with, but everyone is running their own race. am just fortunate enough to meet the awesome souls that i’ve met and kept in touch with over the years. many, many more years to come.

came from the video launch of outerhope. really awesome band, i’m glad i got to see them live (finally). i really want to make their buttons, dammit.

tomorrow is back on the plane to the land of capitalistic dreams (or nightmares, what have you). can’t wait for the weekend :)

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  1. Domenic

    I really like your Calvin and Hobbes site. I was wondering if you got the domain name for free also. I really want to make my own site as awesome as your Calvin and hobbes wonderland. It is brilliant in its own simplistic way.

  2. Pia

    Lovine! The only time I got to see you was when I bumped into you at Saguijo when you’d just arrived…it’s true, everyone is running their own race…haaay!


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