wow. for awhile when i was growing up, spy was THE band for me. props to mikkel of kate torralba fame, for pointing us to one of the funnest, awesomest bands i’ve ever experienced – juan pablo dream. wow!

and so the never ending quest continues, to pursue a sense of self-worth, to pursue a sliver of fulfillment. the wonderful thing about it is knowing that you really have the option to construct, deconstruct, and reconstruct all your perceptions of happiness, and the end of the day, everything is really amenable by your thoughts and if you’re lucky, translate it to your actions… and really have ownership of yourself, own who you are, for who you’re worth, because it’s everything that you’ve got.

i’m lucky for the blessings i could count, not because i could count them, but because i know they can be counted. sorry for the sap, but it’s not fun to get sucked in the detail of living. gotta put things in perspective sometimes – after all, tomorrow never does really come. today’s always the day. :)

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