i have a total of four pet projects during the year, one collaboration that is happily purring along (http://www.paulandkat.com) and three of which are under construction. i stopped in middle of the first two projects since they both involved a bit of experimentation and random stuff that i’ve never done/handled before. the first one involved masonite, acrylic, and neodymium magnets but i quickly replaced the magnets due to safety and budget reasons and have one prototype sitting on my carpet. the second project involved yellow spraypaint and 80’s nostalgia. i’ve been hesitant on doing the trimmings with acrylic because i can’t paint for sh t. i’ve been caught up over the weekend with the third project, which i’m planning to give out to a few friends as random gifts. i completed a prototype that gathers sunlight last night and i personally think is quite spiffy.

i’ve been wanting to post pictures, but until project completion… silence is where secrets go.

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