veins are awash with acetaminophen, caffeine and sugar, running through the length of cold fingertips. i can feel my brain swathe in a coating of numbness that makes me strangely aware of it’s presence, versus normal days of familiarity that make you forget what’s there.

when molecules invade your receptors, perceptions of the world is at their mercy. the world is bound to chemical alliances. the possibilities to stretch or cull patience, amplify pleasures, dull pain. artificial has no meaning when everything is real inside your mind. camera zooms out.

mouth gets dry.
heart is pounding.
palms sweaty.

the world is your stage.

the audience yours to be conquered.

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  1. Gus

    Mouth dry? What are you on, bro? Would you like to share some with me? haha :) Miss you, man! Peace!

  2. Valparaiso

    Got to your page through the C&H page…
    I enjoyed the lyrical beauty of this post :)


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