it’s easy to get lost in the rhythm of routine, when the drawl of the week comes to an end with the long awaited friday nights, lazy sundays, and non-sensical dreams that can be afforded in between. moments can be counted in seconds, but weigh far more as a whole than in parts, so we tread carefully never to be lost in between what’s real and what’s not. or, perhaps, the real challenge of the weekend is to find yourself situated comfortably in between both.

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  1. robby

    what inspires what you write? the strive to express what/how you feel into words articulated in the prettiest way possible? a simple moment in time that can be easily expanded into the length of a 5-page essay based solely on how each one (5 of em) are directly or indirectly affected sensually? props to everything you write for not many have the ability to convey into words the world around them and are as aware as you to glorify even the smallest parts of life.peace.


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