hello, world. it’s now officially a lovine holiday! i’m accepting donations and kisses :)

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  1. Car

    dapat nose-picking picture yung nilagay mo.

    once again, all together now:

    maligo ka na! hwehehe :)

    happy birthday dude! :)

  2. nannoo

    happy birthday – i love you lots and will give you a big hug and a kiss next time i see you.

  3. joylet

    if i give you a kiss will you give me denise and your black sabbath shirt? happy pwetday again!

  4. steph

    haha omg hoy long time! thats a really funny pic and man do i love yer shirt! anyways, its better late than never.. so happy birthday yo!

  5. therese

    is it too late to say happy birthday? anyway, i left you a YM message on July 24 so let me assure you I did not forget this time!! happy birthday!

  6. princess dominique-joy

    any thing for the big kahuna..ahhaa happy bday from last week.


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