i always have snippets of things to say, but have slowly lost the patience to draw it out into the normal monologues of incoherence i’m quite fond of. i like it a bit obscure, since it’s a pretty accurate reflection of everything that’s on my mind anyway. but lately it’s been taking too much effort. kinda like styling your hair to look like you just got out of bed.

cube farms rarely have their fare share of excitement. so we live vicariously through everyone else’s adventures. here’s a text message from my montessori teacher girlfriend early in the morning:


is literal worse than figurative? either which way, life sure is grand..

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  1. Car

    haha, that’s funny :) uy, 3 days to go before the quarter of a century crisis! hehe :)

  2. Gus

    Just wanted to greet you a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Gurang ka na! Love you, man! Peace!


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