beck was an awesome show at the wiltern! the vibe was different, might i even dare say that the crowd wasn’t typical los angeles snubbery. or maybe it’s cos everyone around me actually paid attention to the show and weren’t acting like the normal idiots i get surrounded with when i watch shows. except for that girl in front of me who started the night by rubbing her butt on JJ and eventually started to dance like a crackhead half of the night. beck was an awesome awesome show though, lots of fun indeed!! i would explain but of course it’s never the same after the fact.. anyway..

happy birthday to my hero who makes-out in the restrooms of NASA, nannoo nazzal :)

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  1. nannoo

    I never made out in the restroom at NASA just for the record – yes i made it other restrooms but none were Government property though :-)

  2. lovine

    although you can’t deny that.. umm.. 16 years… nothing. :) i love you nannoooo!!


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