i got an unexpected phone call during the day, and found myself pacing rapidly outside the atrium. the cubicle farm with a view must have thought i was a crackhead.

i always find it amusing when you’re so involved with a task, that you begin to drown out both the outer world and the silver lining between the environment and yourself. it’s a wonderful detachment. those days when you forget who you are and where you are headed because you’re so immersed in what you’re doing. but when somebody unexpectedly pulls you out of the water it’s either one of two things – the relieving gasp of air that hits your face, or the jolt of panic slithering through your veins knowing you’re in deep doggie doo doo. either which way, you realize that you’ve been underwater. better than not knowing at all, i guess.

i know a lot of people who like hiding behind their walls of contentment. judgmental against anything other than their portioned sliver of sunshine. but at what point do you really believe, that you’re in the right place where you want to be? for all the comforts that we all seek, can be earmarks of accomplishment and taints of fallible circumstance all at once.

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