i spent the lazy saturday afternoon sharing circa late 90’s videos to my partner-in-crime. looking back, it was a mecca of stuff that can’t be politically correct in this generation – an experimental film about infecting the HS water supply with a virus that causes all students to turn gay, student council tight pants dangerous dance moves and grease lightning, and a behind the scenes look at pimply freshmen in really awkward encounters with girls (or lack thereof). fancy the perils of growing up in a jesuit all guys high school. i should find a way to digitize them from antiquated VHS tapes and place them on you tube.

i still can’t believe how much happened over the weekend. it’s easy to get lost in the long stretches of routine, and it’s almost like the rug gets pulled from underneath when you realize that time isn’t static no matter how much it pretends to be so.

hello, baby lara. :)

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