it’s changed a lot from the days when i’d ride the weekends on a whim of spontaneity. mostly because i never really had anything going for me and i opted to roll along with the punches. these days i find myself banging my head on the keyboard after missing wolfmother, ben harper, and other ticket sale mornings for gigs months and months down the line. i’ve got my sights on the charlatans UK and radiohead coming up soon.

for all the years i’ve lived here in LA, i’ve got no clue what the hell i’ve been doing missing out on all teh kick ass gigs.

i used to be scared of looking forward to things, since expectations never give ’em a fair chance. but these days, i really don’t mind daydreaming since i’ve found it can only approximate a tip of the proverbial iceberg..

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  1. roy

    Blog for the sake of blogging. Even if no one heard the sound of the tree falling in the forest, it doesn’t mean that the tree still stands.


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