4am, spending time reading up on the news.. there’s too much of the world to know, and too little patience for me to sit down and actually absorb what i need to know. the perils of being internally lazy.. i wish i knew more about investing, the internal workings of money markets and what not. hmm, the psychologist in me tells myself that i might just be slightly worried about the impending responsibility that being an out-of-school yuppie entails. hooray.

a few hours ago, i started calling random beautiful people from manila.. a lot of the bastards weren’t home.. and it didnt help that the people who answered the phone couldn’t get my name. “tell them that gopez called.” dima, er, maits, joy.. tangina san kayo napunta? i got to talk to ther and tray though. i miss you guys. boo!

this is awesome. if i stay up a little longer, i’ll probably go blind from the monitor. i feel light headed and slightly dizzy. this is what the summers are all about.. ahhh, festive intellectual decomposition in the comfort of your own room. the nights are mine, yes..

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