what a crappy day. and i don’t foresee that the next couple of months will be quite peachy at the hamster wheel. what bothers me is knowing that the next steps will be short bursts without allowing me much distance nor momentum to propel foward. that the details will start to eat me up in the struggle to keep afloat in the bigger picture of things.

the days when you come home with a genuine smug of contentment are far and long in between.

and in between dreams i struggle to see in color, hear in prose, and walk with purpose and rhythm. the wonderful thing, is that the world can afford you that. the minimum of which, is what you deserve. or maybe that’s just my card of hope in a soiree with the aces up my sleeve. pony up, let’s up the ante.

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  1. dima

    Liked what you wrote up until you got to the bit about upping the ante in the end. It’s just to mainstream, what with everyone getting into poker nowadays.


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