the valet guy backed my ML320 into a concrete pillar at a parking structure in hermosa beach. it shattered part of the bumper on top of the wheel, and hit a little part of the body panel. the bumper part is fine, it can be replaced easily, but i’m worried about that small crunch of the body – it might have fucked the whole panel over. so now i have to deal with all this shit, thank goodness the guy isn’t being an asshole about it, and we’re having it fixed. but its still a pain in the ass. i couldn’t get over how stupid you can be to backup into a concrete pillar. and that was his fucking job to say the least. today i found out that the same guy lost the keys of another car before slamming my car into a pillar. needless to say, another guy has been added to the unemployment statistic. thank god danielle was there to spot me a beer. i’ve never needed one so badly.

tomorrow i’m heading over to andre’s house to watch “takeshi’s castle”.. this late 80’s japanese show where a horde of rice eaters try to compete against being eliminated.. its ridiculous. they’re running across mazes and trapdoors, they eat shit running fullspeed into wooden walls disguised as doors, and trip on fake “rocks” in a pathway through water.. these asians man. what kooks. ;)

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