come on, you’ve got to admit!

it’s definitely cool that you can blog whilst pooping at the same time. hooray for technology!

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  1. steph

    i bet you just did. lolx0rz (hey look i’m cool! i can laugh in geek language haha baduy) anyways, about that coachella event you posted… kainggit. i wana see sigur ros!!! and franz ferdinand, yeah yeah yeahs, bloc party, mogwai, massive attack, imogen heap!!! and of course, tool!!! wahhh. do you already have the ticket? damnyou. huhu. take pictures! lol

    okay, now about the razorback gig. they had manuel legarda play. so it was kevin roy, tirso ripoll, louie talan, manuel and the drummer. haha talk about one solid gig. :D

    coachellacoachellacoachella x_X


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