i’m stuck at the airport with a flight that should’ve left more than 16 hours ago. it tried to take-off twice, but both times stopped in the middle of the runway because of engine trouble. rescheduled for 10am, it got pushed back further to 4pm since they had to change the plane completely.

and now the mabuhay lounge is packed to the brim, and i’m strategically positioned beside a wastecan and the bathroom sitting on the cold tile floor. not that i’m throwing a pity party, but all i really want is a nice warm shower and clean clothes since everything’s packed and checked in. an extended vacation from work would be nice, but this is kinda pushing it.

the food used to be good, but hour after hour after hour is a tad too much. if i stay here any longer, i’m going to throw up philippine airlines mabuhay lounge arroz caldo.

happy new year guys :)

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  1. cousin james

    dude, i didnt know they had that….
    philippine airlines mabuhay lounge arroz caldo……thats like….ewwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. joylet

    i love arroz caldo, especially from KFC. i didn’t know you were stuck in the freakin’ airport! anyway, it was a blast while you were here. now days are at a snail’s pace. amishu pwet! sanfo may… here i come! =)


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