i’m taking a deep breath of tropical smog, congesting my arteries with high-grade cholesterol. and i’m staring at the computer wanting to really write something of substance but there’s just too much to mention. hello, manila.

i found jun lopito playing a gig in makati. i gave barbie a beso the day after. this afternoon i cut my hair and i now look normal. my brother said there was a dead guy a few meters down the road who died of bangungot. i took my niece to ride the carousel at shangrila. my eyes are twitchy and feel weird, it might be the smoke. i don’t know.

where is home?

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  1. steph

    hey you!

    home is where your heart is. yihaaaw. labo. hello lovine! i haven’t heard from you in ages. haha. so yer back here in manila til when will you be staying? btw, i finally finished hard-boiled wonderland… twas okay. dragging lang yung first few chapters, but okay. haha.

    -your boy-crazy online friend. haha

  2. Alexis

    home for lovine is behind a camera in a place he is in the for the first time… perhaps with someone he plans to be with for a long time. ;)


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