now that i’m older with a (somewhat) stable paycheck, a pandora’s box of responsibilities have come along with it – the pressing need to cut a part of the check for an IRA (which would inherently include figuring out what a good allocation would be between funds), and the proper management of free cash outside the realm of bill paying and credit card management. i’m worried that i’m losing a lot of money by having free cash stagnate in a checking account, especially when the markets aren’t in the doldrums as they were a few years ago. i’ll need to sit down sometime and study how to maneuver the cards i’ve been dealt to my advantage.

and while the clock starts ticking, you realise that the sun isn’t setting the other way (i.e. my cryptic way of saying that we’re not getting any younger). while you sit and fester in the tragedy that is los angeles traffic, the world awaits to be explored. to be seen. to be heard. to be met. to be conquered.

i want to be rich. i want to be a superstar. i want to rock and roll. but i’m too busy selling my soul to the corporate machine. werd.

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