full circle. i’m back in chicago where i was born.

i’m a stranger, really. i never really spent time here, being in limbo between manila and los angeles. it would be cool to warp back to the 80’s, and have my grandfather show me what it was like back then. it’s a weird transition, but i’d write something about the mystery of having our lives flash before our eyes before we die, and how i imagine it to be an explosion of emotion that only takes a literal split second but spans a multitude of years while it’s happening. i’d talk about the moment when it all collapses back to the past, and how it would be cool if you can walk thru it with someone, to show you what it was really like when everything was unfolding.

i’m freaking out cos i found two white hairs aside from the normal spot above my right ear where one usually appears.

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  1. roy

    ah good. at least dito pa lang ako sa stage na may isang white hair above my right ear. :) tumatanda na tayo men

  2. joylet

    freak. you’re complaining you have 2 white strands of hair!?!? ako kaya.. uhm.. dye ko buhok mo!

  3. maita

    hey did you go to toronto? i’m worried i missed you. i’m going to san diego and pittsburgh this christmas. where will you be?


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