it’s only been two weeks, but i feel like i haven’t been home in forever and a day. i wakeup in mid-dream sequences, trying to remember the firmness of my bed, and try to brush off the clean albeit foreign scent of hotel sheets. i guess they call it namamahay, when you’re not used to sleeping in a different spot.

along the years of random displacement, my perceptions of home have been freed from constraining the concept to a location. i’m sure the same goes for the rest of us. my notions of home have been dismantled into less tangible emotions, found in the food we eat, the music we share, the moments we create.

and lately, i’ve been hoping that at the end of piece-mealing all our adventures together, we find ourselves in the quiet solitude of truly being who we are, when we are, what we are. it’s so easy to complicate silly things like being happy. but it’s such a great mystery, watching it all unfold. cheerios to the weekend, brother bears.

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