chalk one up for travel disasters. i thought the worst was over when i miraculously found a hotel for tonight (i still don’t know where i’m staying tomorrow till friday) because all the hotels are booked solid. and so i get to the airport, make my way to the rental car facility, and find out that my rental car is in a different airport an hour away. fine, i’ll pay the cab fare and make my way over, but in murphy’s law fashion, i called the place up and there were no cars on the lot.

the lot was empty. as if that weren’t enough, there were three other people who had reservations, waiting for car returns. and at the airport i was at, all other car rentals were stripped clean. all car rentals and hotels, up until the weekend.

so i take a cab to my hotel, and thank my stars that at least i had a place to stay tonight. i go into my routine of chatting up the cabbie, when all of a sudden the popos pull us over. “was i speeding? did i do anything wrong?” the cabbie exclaims to me as the cops flash us with their lights. i was caught off guard, since he wasn’t doing anything. “i think i’m going to jail.” i quietly put on my seatbelt in the back, and an officer comes up.

“i scanned your plates. you have a warrant.” so, great, right. i’m stuck in the middle of nowhere with a cabbie that has a warrant for his arrest. he’s going to jail! for all i know, he’s a cold blooded rapist and/or killer and/or accountant.

turns out that he needed to pay his bondsman for bail, for a warrant that took effect today. he had to pay a $475 bond for impeding traffic or some stupid violation like that, and i believe he was going to take care of it tonight as well. but, alas, luck doesn’t befall any of us tonight.

anyway i don’t want to bore with the details, i’m just glad i’m somewhere with a bed and a shower. and i might add, i’ve never been in a hotel room as big as this one i’m in. the ceiling is probably 15 feet up, and there’s an adjacent living room and dining area. it’s kinda creepy, actually, because the place is really really dim with a slight hint of the musky aroma reminiscent of cockroaches from hell (AKA manila). i feel like i’m in an abandoned castle in a cheese-ball disney cartoon movie.

there was a lady and her kid in the lobby inquiring about availability, and all hotels in the city within a 50 mile radius are booked solid. i felt bad. with all this space, we can fit 15 people in here. but that would mean i can’t prance around in my underwear.

thoughts of me in my underwear. now, isn’t that refreshing? i’m starting to fall off my rocker. after spilling coffee all over myself and losing my rental car and getting stuck in a cab with a driver who’s going to jail… at the end of the day, all i really want to do is crawl underneath the sheets. like what i said earlier this morning. sleep comes, after blogging of course. :P

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  1. Kid Fabulous

    Awww..that day sounds so bad, it’s almost as if it’d been ghostwritten by ex-Seinfeld writers! But, if you can go through all that and still manage to prance around in your underwear..well, life isn’t so bad, is it?


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