i’m out here in springfield, missouri (spell middle-of-nowhere?). classical music is streaming from i-tunes, and i just finished pressing my shirts for the week. funny how being in the middle of nowhere is manifested in a literal sense, which is quite applicable to a few things that i’m currently trying to get a grasp of. i can’t figure out this rush i’m feeling to grow up, and ascertain that my life is not only headed down the right direction but that i’m collecting the right velocity, angle, and top-spin to hit the mark. does being happy always have to be complicated by the darn details? or maybe we’re all missing the point.

surprisingly, i’ve found myself praying recently (which is not me). mostly just to give thanks. and there’s a lot to be thankful for. don’t you love the weekends? they’re just brimming with surprises :)

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