no breakfast nor dinner today. only had one meal, and lunch was soup and salad. not by choice, but by circumstance.

but i’m scared that i’m beginning to blur the two. and it’s slowly becoming habit, bourne of convenience. it’s not fun eating when you’re by yourself.

and LA traffic is not cool. and stepping on other people’s toes, too.

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  1. pat

    didnt u once tell me that:
    1) eating by yourself is healthy because it means you’re secure with yourself;

    2) and that LA traffic is but another beauty of the city…

    inuman nalang tayo. will be going to san diego soon. i’ll drive up to LA.

  2. lovine

    ponts i got new pics up, yo.

    pat bau, the moon comes in cycles. too much of one thing, is bad. it is good to break the cycle of monotonous complacency, because it allows for growth. tsaka wag ka magulo ano ba.


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