hello friends! i’ve uploaded new pictures from monterey bay last weekend. i’m still short on a few albums, some being overdue by several months. if i had more time, i’d like to streamline everything on this site and minimize the amount of work i need to do in preparing them for online consumption. it’s easier if i did multiply or other free services, but i like keeping things organized under one roof. years have come and gone, and i’ve always had a clear idea of what i wanted this small niche on the internet to be, but it’s always an ongoing project, the neverending thesis of documenting snippets of life’s ponderables and laughables than happen to fall along this way.

now, if only i can do away with the technicals of maintaining a site. and if only i can do away with the mondays. i need more time to hang out with the neighbours! mek mek.

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  1. nikki

    waaait, how does this work. i mean the pics are great and i know you have a kick ass slr camera. so what is the difference between an slr and normal digital camera. like for example, why don’t the jellyfish come out as streaks of light and blurry even if you’re not using flash?

    i’ve been wondering about these things on photography for a while.

    please answer. thanks.


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