i have a backlog of pictures that i’ve been meaning to post online, but haven’t gotten around to. this month is a hectic slew of weddings and bachelor parties. i was at vegas for two straight weekends, and haven’t exactly been winning any money. that’s not cool. that’s not hot. so now i’m devising a scheme to launder ill-gotten wealth from drug cartels of third world countries. what i’m pondering is whether i should be the transaction middle man skimming off margins, or vertically integrate and establish my drug network from the bottom up. higher stakes bring about higher gains, and for all these people engaging in dubious activities, i guess their souls do have a price that can be bought. it’s pretty vicious, what money can transform you into. thank goodness i’m a lowly IT consultant, with only dreams of filthy money laundering grandeur to mirror a starving mind trapped in a static body.

maybe i think too much when i’m commuting to work in the morning, and when i’m trudging back in the afternoon. well, hamster wheel, you’re only good up until the weekend starts rollin’. can’t wait to see you, plankton :)

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