okay here’s the deal. it’s 12:10am, pao was supposed to come over so we can pickup miko batchalian at LAX when he arrives at 12:40 (he’s flying in from NY) and drive straight out to vegas or the grand canyon or off to the moon. pao is coming from irvine, which is a good 50 mile hike and the 405 is shut down for some innane reason, and he’s driven well over 150+ miles today and we’re both freaking out cos he’s tired and i told him to pickup batch instead, and just sleep in the car while waiting for him since he’s a driver anyway HAHAHA.

i haven’t packed, the plans aren’t set, and everything is in disarray. and i’m laughing my ass off cos everything is just chaos. are we going to vegas? are we going to bryce canyon? we don’t have maps. we don’t have plans. we don’t have anything. smells like a classic misadventure. and this is stupid cos i’m blogging when i should be taking care of trip details.

miko batchalian, we gave up two hot dates this weekend for your constantine ass! gosh. <3

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  1. brother bear

    its actually “mikko” with two k’s para mas nakakaburat.

    kindly take note of proper spelling in order to avoid mass constatination.



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