haven’t been writing as much lately. been awash with the daily nuances of routine, the growing credit card bill, the mound of unwashed dishes and laundry, the papers lying scattered throughout my room. so many things to accomplish, but i end up wasting my time online.

oh, the nice california weather – i just came from a short trip to houston where the humidity was ridiculously reminiscent of manila. work isn’t so bad, and the hamster wheel keeps on turning.

i spent most of the weekend serenading denise, and writing random snippets of music (beerhouse garden, getaway kids) on the 8-track i scored from craigslist, which is the best thing since sliced bread. unfortunately this is the horrible part about living in the united states. everyone’s being bred into a capitalist pig. make obscene amounts of money! buy, buy, buy! the horrid transformation of turning wants into needs, and the backing of the corporate machinery to perpetuate the cycle of consumerism. zero interest! no money down! buy now, pay later! objectify, quantify, b-u-y.

and it doesn’t help that i want to buy two new digital cameras, because for some reason that logic defies, i actually need it. there goes my paycheck – until next pay period, that is.

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